It is simply the personal touch!

"Hi Dave,
Thank you, to you and the RE/MAX team for going the extra mile! We are so happy we changed management companies and followed you to RE/MAX Real Estate Results. Most recently with the tenant about to move out during a difficult time for our property portfolio, you, Shelby and your team stepped up to get ahead start in actively ensuring readiness for a new tenant to reduce the turn-over period. Fortunately, the tenant decided to stay another 6 months due to your negotiation skills. I can tell you what makes the difference between other property management companies and the leadership you exhibited with your team; it is simply the personal touch!
You and the team care about both your Owners and the Tenants. We deal with other national property management companies to help us manage our portfolio of properties. The other companies are good and we are happy with their performance. However, you and your team are excellent!
The following is what sets you and your team apart from all the rest:
No matter what a pain we can be at times, you & your teams help us get whatever it is done and done well!
You & team, go beyond to accommodate the small requests and pay attention to the finest details, such as, taking care of my login problems with the difficult & unfriendly Owner web-portal vendor!
Dave, you anticipate my questions and concerns before I voice them! I love it, that you speak to the soul of the owner, because not only are you knowledgeable and an expert in your field. You too are an owner, so you get it. I learn from you as well!
Shelby has had the patience of Job with me. Just in case you have not noticed, I can be a bit demanding at times! (lol) She is awesome; I really respect her a great deal for her tolerance and follow up!!!
The thing we value most, we trust you and the team. Trust means the world to us! It is not just trusting that you and the team have the know how to manage the property well; it is also, the sensitive and caring style of communicating, accommodating and following up with us that makes a real difference between your leadership of your team, and the rest of the national property management companies!
With our entire portfolio under water right now, this is a financially difficult time for us. It matters a great deal to work with the RE/MAX professionals because you think about the costs of maintenance they way we do!
We sleep a little better at night knowing we do not have to worry as much about the AR property because it is in good hands under your leadership and team!
I wanted to take a time out to send you this note to compliment you and the team, express our gratitude for your willingness to go the extra mile.  Going beyond to accommodate us and manage the property the way we would manage it, is rare today!
The Property Management business is usually crisis management and negative attitudes coming from every direction, along with demands after complaints. We wanted you and the team to know we appreciate all that you do!

- Deborah & James, Centerton AR